AnkrPt TellMe

TellMe helps you respond to a person’s GDPR or CCPA request for information you have about them. This includes information from Guidewire and external sql-based systems, why that information is needed, and what external parties your information is shared with.

Rights helps you meet the regulatory requirements of current Privacy and Rights legislation.

AnkrPt ForgetMe

ForgetMe helps you address the GDPR and CCPA requirements to “delete” a person from your system in one of two different ways: Anonymizing their information or Deleting their information.

GDPR and CCPA let you use either mechanism; ForgetMe lets you choose which one.

Manage Your Requests

GDPR and CCPA not only require you to respond appropriately to a person’s privacy request, there are specific requirements for that response, such as how long you can take.

AnkrPt lets you manage the requests with time tracking, escalation processing, and report production.

Still wondering about GDPR/CCPA?

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Frequently Asked Questions

GDPR stands for “General Data Protection Regulation” and is Europe’s implementation of privacy rights. Refer to the GDPR EU for more information.

CCPA stands for the “California Consumer Privacy Act” and is California’s implementation of privacy rights. Refer to the CCPA home page for more information.