Writing Tests

Kimputing can help write all your tests, from Unit to multi-session UI testing, from performance and stress testing to API testing. And not just your policy admin, billing, or claim systems, but also your internal systems and 3rd party applications. We test it all.

Full CI/CD

If you don’t yet have a CI/CD process in place, or need to expand its capabilities, we’re there to help. If you already have it, great, we’ll leverage what you have. No matter your current state, a fully functional CI/CD process is critical in today’s fast-paced development world.

Understanding Results

We not only monitor the results of tests, we analyze and understand those results. This lets us identify and fix problems as they occur, or stop issues from becoming problems. Coverage Analytics ensures your tests cover the changes made by development, while Performance Analytics monitors trends ensuring you don’t breach SLA agreements.

Testing As Good As Production

Our approach to automated testing is one of perfection. Since testing ensures the quality of your system, testing should be treated with the same care as production. Proper OO designs and implementation ensure maintainable and sustainable tests; code reviews and regular health checks ensure the quality of those tests.

We care about testing as much as you care about production.

Harness the power of automated testing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe. This is a difficult question to answer without understanding your current environment. We’ll work together to identify what you want to achieve, then evaluate how your current implementation meets those goals. This evaluation helps identify what can be retained or updated, what should be migrated, and what gaps you have. In any case, CenterTest provides technology to both modernize your testing infrastructure, and retain your investment in your current architecture.

Yes. AnkrPt CenterTest is a simple jar file which can be invoked by java-capable applications such as Jenkins or TeamCity. This means we should be able to support any CI/CD system you’re running today. If you’re not already using something, we can help with your decision process.

Yes. TestRail and TestLink are supported directly, but CenterTest’s TestManager abstraction layer supports any API-driven test management system letting you retain your current test management system.