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Kim Filiatrault

When you need the best.

Kim Filiatrault is a recognized expert in the Guidewire Insurance industry with numerous successful projects and over 30 years of IT experience, consisting of 28 years as an independent consultant, 20 years with code generation technologies, and 8 years with Guidewire software.

Kim specialized in code generation technologies over 20 years ago and has since developed technologies to supplement IBM VisualAge Generator Templates as well as his own stand-alone generation technology. He used his unique knowledge and understanding of frameworks to transition to Guidewire's technology and developed an automated test framework for Guidewire projects.

Contact Kim when you need help on your at-risk Guidewire project, or are simply looking for a Guidewire expert.

  • Guidewire

    Certified Guidewire specialist in all aspects of Guidewire: PolicyCenter, ClaimCenter, Integration and Configuration.

  • Automated Testing
    KftTest for Guidewire

    Automated testing in general as well as KftTest for Guidewire, an automated test framework developed specifically for Guidewire technologies.

  • Framework/Code Generation

    A specialist in framework and code generation technologies, including development of KftTemplates and KftRRisc.

  • Mentoring

    Knowledge transfer is an important consideration in everything we do.