Automated Testing

Infuse quality into your projects with native support for testing. Write stable tests faster, sophisticated enough to cover any complex scenario, and fast enough to support CI/CD. UI, API, performance, and stress testing with one complete testing framework.

You stay focused on your competitive advantage, while we take care of the testing technologies.

Testing Services

Kimputing’s SDETs implement effective automated testing from Unit testing with Junit and Gunit, to using end-to-end UI testing with AnkrPt CenterTest.  We write tests, provide continuous integration services, train and mentor your team, and provide ongoing oversight of your tests and QA processes.

Everything you need for a successful test process.

Pairwise Test Data Generation

Testing is critical to ensure the quality of your system, but testing effectively is often difficult to do. Pairwise testing is based on the principle that most defects trigger with either a single input parameter or an interaction between pairs of parameters. Maximizing coverage while minimizing testing, that’s AnkrPt Pairwise.

AnkrPt Data

Safely move data between environments securing PII, PFI, and other sensitive customer data. Reliably populate environments with data spanning the whole Guidewire InsuranceSuite. Reduce database waste by safely deleting unwanted data.

AnkrPt Extraction, AnkrPt Anonymity, and AnkrPt Deletion.

Guidewire Services

Kimputing’s international team of consultants has decades of foundational experience in the core Guidewire products and insurance knowledge gathered on projects across North America and Europe.


Privacy laws in Europe and the US are now in effect with Europe’s GDPR and California’s CCPA implemented and fines being levied. AnkrPt Rights will save your organization time, reduce or eliminate fines, and provide better customer service. Everything you want to do as a successful organization.

Let’s partner and build a future together!

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