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Agile Testing Days – Chicago

Last month I attended Agile Testing Days (ATD) in Chicago, my first time attending an ATD conference. But not only as an attendee, I would once again be speaking after a 22-year hiatus; I was both excited and nervous.

I met many interesting people at Agile Testing Days, from those wanting to learn to industry experts wanting to share. Amongst them, I had the pleasure of meeting QA Evangelist Paul Holland. This serendipitous encounter sparked engaging conversations and set the stage for further opportunities. 

I met “Señor Performo”, also known as Leandro Melendez, who invited me to do a podcast with him. Having never done anything like this before, I was extremely nervous, but with Leandro’s help, I think we produced an informative podcast; you can find it here.

I even met a Quality Coach, yep, that’s right! Kulas Angeles was one of several fellow speakers I met throughout the conference. As he was embarking on his first speaking engagement and I was stepping back onto the stage after a long break, we shared a unique understanding of each other’s challenges.

As a speaker once again, I was reminded how exciting it is to present to a group. And to those who attended my session, Production Data for Test, Safely and Securely, I hope I provided as much insight for you as I got from your questions and feedback. I will be even better prepared for the next time I speak, and there will be a next time.

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The conference’s well-organized social events provided much-needed relaxation and the opportunity to forge connections on a more casual basis. From late-night card games to engaging conversations, these events strengthened the sense of camaraderie among attendees.

I have to thank Stefanie Mania and the rest of the team for organizing such a fantastic event, the selection committee for choosing my paper, and all those I met who made the conference the tremendous event it was. Thanks, y’all!

In fact, I enjoyed this event so much, and the opportunities and relationships I made are so valuable that I’m attending ATD’s next conference in Potsdam, Germany this November.

I hope to see you there – if you can’t attend in person, they do have virtual passes! 

Kim Filiatrault
Founder and President

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