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Unleashing the Power of Parallel Testing with CenterTest

In the ever-accelerating world of software development, efficient testing processes are crucial. One powerful strategy for enhancing test efficiency is parallel testing. CenterTest, a robust testing framework, leverages the power of parallel testing to offer incredible speed and efficiency gains.

Parallel testing is the practice of running multiple tests and test cases simultaneously, rather than sequentially. This reduces the total time spent on testing and accelerates feedback to the development team.

Supercharging Your Tests with CenterTest’s Parallel Testing

CenterTest brings the power of parallel testing to your fingertips. It lets you run multiple test cases concurrently, thus significantly reducing the overall testing time. Whether you have 10, 20, 50, 100, or even 1000 test cases, CenterTest allows you to execute them efficiently across different threads.

To illustrate this, let’s consider a scenario where each of your test cases takes approximately 5 minutes to execute. Here’s how the total execution time would vary when running these tests sequentially versus in parallel using different numbers of threads:

Sequential Testing4 Threads8 Threads16 Threads32 Threads64 Threads
10 Test Cases50 min15 min10 min5 min5 min5 min
20 Test Cases100 min30 min15 min10 min5 min5 min
50 Test Cases250 min65 min35 min20 min10 min5 min
100 Test Cases500 min125 min65 min35 min20 min10 min
1000 Test Cases5000 min1250 min625 min315 min160 min80 min

Optimizing Continuous Integration with Parallel Testing

The power of parallel testing becomes even more pronounced when incorporated into a Continuous Integration (CI) process. By running tests regularly, we can quickly identify and fix issues, and parallel testing drastically reduces the overall testing time.

Considering the same scenario as above, with a suite of 100 test cases, let’s illustrate the total execution time over a year when these tests are run every day, week, and month in a CI pipeline:

Sequential Testing4 Threads8 Threads16 Threads32 Threads64 Threads
Daily(365 runs)~1267 days (1825000 min)~32 days (45625 min)~16 days (23725 min)~9 days (12775 min)~5 days (7300 min)~2.5 days (3650 min)
Weekly(52 runs)~18 days (26000 min)~4.5 days (6500 min)~2 days (3380 min)~1 day (1820 min)~17h (1040 min)~9h (520 min)
Monthly(12 runs)~4 days (6000 min)~1 day (1500 min)13h (780 min)7h (420 min)4h (240 min)2h (120 min)

The potential efficiency gains offered by CenterTest’s parallel testing are astonishing. By reducing the execution time, it not only accelerates the development cycle but also leads to substantial cost savings.

For instance, consider a daily CI scenario running 100 test cases over a year. By using 64 threads, the total time spent on testing can be reduced from an astounding 1,825,000 minutes to a mere 3,650 minutes. This amounts to a time-saving of over 99%.

Now let’s translate this time saved into dollars. Assuming an hourly rate of $30 for a QA engineer, the total cost savings over a year by using 64 threads in comparison to sequential testing amounts to over $546,000!

Imagine what your team could achieve with that extra time and money. This saving could be invested back into the project, allowing for additional feature development, more comprehensive testing, or even early product launch.


Parallel testing in CenterTest isn’t just about faster testing; it’s about smarter testing. It’s about optimizing resources, saving money, and getting products to market faster without sacrificing quality. As we’ve demonstrated, the benefits of parallel testing with CenterTest can extend far beyond immediate time savings, directly impacting your project’s bottom line.

In a fast-paced development environment, every minute and every dollar counts. With CenterTest, you get the most value from your time and resources, making it an invaluable asset for any organization looking to optimize its testing processes. With CenterTest, the value goes beyond the code.

Arek Frankowski
Senior Software Architect

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