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High-Quality Java Code with AnkrPt HealthCheck

In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, high-quality code isn’t just a benefit – it’s a prerequisite. Akin to the Linux kernel, which has grown from 10,000 lines of code in 1991 to over 27.8 million lines in 2020, developers worldwide are grappling with the challenges of maintaining superior coding standards, particularly within extensive teams or diverse projects. Today, I’m excited to unveil a solution to transform your coding practices: AnkrPt HealthCheck.

AnkrPt HealthCheck emerges from our rich experience in Java application development and our commitment to upholding the principles of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). This revolutionary tool is engineered to detect and resolve code quality issues, fostering best practice standards across your Java projects.

An Unparalleled Analysis of Your Code

One of the hallmarks of AnkrPt HealthCheck is its deep-dive approach to code analysis. It can access your Git repositories, check out code by specified commits or timeframes, and parse the entirety of your codebase. This detailed approach ensures an all-encompassing review of your code’s quality.

Adapted to Your Unique Standards

Recognizing that each development team and project brings unique coding conventions, AnkrPt HealthCheck is designed for adaptability. It offers configurable rules that you can tailor to align with your team’s coding style or project-specific necessities.

Consider a real-world scenario – Google’s Chromium project, which has a strict naming convention guideline. Suppose you’re handling a project with similar rules restricting class names to under 50 characters. Much like any other linter, AnkrPt HealthCheck let’s you easily a create rule to enforce this, ensuring adherence to your standards.

Turbocharge Your Code Reviews

Do you recall the disastrous Knight Capital incident in 2012, when a software glitch cost the company $440 million in 45 minutes? A root cause was outdated code that was not properly reviewed and handled.  AnkrPt HealthCheck empowers these code review processes, focusing on the differences between specific commits or only on updated files. It highlights areas of improvement, conserving valuable time during code reviews.

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Duplicates? Not on AnkrPt HealthCheck’s Watch!

Remember the infamous Apple “goto fail” bug, a duplicated line of code that led to a severe SSL security flaw? AnkrPt HealthCheck helps you avoid such blunders by identifying any duplicate code, even inner classes used repeatedly.  If the same inner class is repeatedly implemented in your code, it’s not just a violation of the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle, but it also increases complexity and reduces maintainability.

In such cases, AnkrPt HealthCheck goes the extra mile. It identifies these instances, provides a list of all the duplicates, then helps guide you to refactor your code to use a single, shared inner class instead. With this, your code becomes more streamlined, reusable, efficient, and maintainable!

Comprehensive Reporting for Continuous Improvement

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With AnkrPt HealthCheck, you don’t just identify issues—you learn how to fix them. Its robust reporting feature generates detailed reports comprising statistics, broken rules, and the precise locations of the problems.

If a developer, for example, is repeatedly instantiating objects within a loop, leading to performance degradation, AnkrPt HealthCheck can flag such instances. It will report them and guide the developer on the preferred practice of object reuse. This continuous feedback cycle drives ongoing improvement and skill enhancement within your team.

In the fast-paced world of digital innovation, quality code stands as a cornerstone of successful software development. AnkrPt HealthCheck is here to seamlessly integrate code quality assurance into your everyday workflow. Embrace AnkrPt HealthCheck today and transform your journey towards consistently high-quality code.

Arek Frankowski
Senior Software Architect

AnkrPt HealthCheck is incorporated into our own AnkrPt CenterTest technology, ensuring automated test code quality that likely exceeds your current production code quality. Any code, whether for production or testing, should adopt high-quality coding standards.

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