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Accelerated Test Creation

Automated tests execute significantly faster than manual tests but the initial setup is often intimidating and time consuming.  Not with AnkrPt CenterTest. CenterTest provides Bots, smart functions, and useful tools to make test creation and maintenance easy.  Automate complex tests as quickly as the first day.

Bots keep tests in-sync with InsuranceSuite source

CenterTest bots effortlessly generate pages (java classes containing interactable widgets of your onscreen Guidewire UI including input fields, buttons, lists, etc), type lists and your product model, just by pointing to your Guidewire InsuranceSuite project.  This is a quick process that can be executed ad hoc and keeps CenterTest current with your InsuranceSuite source letting you focus on building automated tests using these components instead of managing the components themselves.

IntelliJ development support

All of the above is done by the AnkrPt plugin which consists of CenterTest actions like Generate Pages, useful tools like the Dashboard to help manage test executions, even direct editing of your personal Properties file, all from the IntelliJ menu bar.  The AnkrPt plugin also lets you quickly execute tests directly from a test class.

To provide a consistent and logical format for your new automated tests, CenterTest provides IntelliJ test class templates. These templates make it easier to write new tests that are readable and maintainable by following the same test structure across the whole automation project. This allows not only a quick start for new tests but also easier maintainability and readability of existing tests.

Reusable test components

Rather than starting from scratch, CenterTest comes with many prebuilt reusable components for each Center such as LoginToXCenter, CreateNewPersonalAccount, CreateNewSubmission, CreateNewPayment or CreateFNOL. These allow to quickly form more complex tests. Reusable components let you further simplify test automation by reducing repetitive coding in cases where different tests have similar steps. CenterTest is also shipped with sample tests based on Guidewire InsuranceSuite OOTB to show how to access specific functionality and how to use unique CenterTest features. Because AnkrPt is written in Java, test automation developers can use their own logic with ease if necessary. So your automation team is never stuck and have full control over the automation codebase at all times. Having reusable test components and sample tests significantly reduces effort to create and maintain automated tests which in turn lowers your automated testing costs.

Data-driven testing (DDT) and when one is better

When a single test can have many data iterations, avoid writing many individual tests by writing one data-driven test instead.  Leveraging CenterTest DDT framework requires slightly different test design which afterwards needs significantly less time and effort to increase test coverage with the same flow.

It is also very easy to manage test data as Excel spreadsheets are commonly used and doesn’t require programming skills. CenterTest DDT also supports XML, JSON and other technologies.  Due to the test coverage increase by using DDT, it is possible to get huge amounts of test results in short period of time which helps speed up defect related decisions.

Javadoc support

To further utilize java code usage and make test automation easier, CenterTest provides java docs to help understand offered functionality in order to use them properly and reduce the effort needed to learn and use CenterTest independently.

Kimputing commitment

Every engagement starts with a few day training for your automation team. This is when the team is presented with our proven best practices for optimal use of CenterTest. Once the project is started, your team can talk to the onsite team or reach out to our remote support team.

Instant delivery

The generated pages and widgets, the prebuilt reusable components and sample tests allow for rapid test development and a very quick start to your automation project. You can have your first test written and executed the same day CenterTest is set up.

Don’t wait and start building fully reusable, easily maintainable and change resistant tests for your Guidewire implementation.

Raivis Sarkovskis
Senior Automated Test Engineer

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