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BillingCenter Testing Made Possible

BillingCenter, with all its automation, is the Center with the fewest number of users logging in. Factors such as a small business audience and general aversion to accounting cause it to be often overlooked. But not anymore! CenterTest can level up your Guidewire BillingCenter testing and assess any out-of-the-box or custom requirement within BillingCenter.

Use CenterTest as your primary automation tool, or specifically for BillingCenter working harmoniously with your current solution.

Below, find a list of business cases grouped into topics that CenterTest fully supports.


  • Bank returns a customer’s check or declines a credit card transaction, and the customer becomes delinquent,
  • With a misconfiguration in payments’ allocation logic or batch process schedule, you risk canceling policies even though the customer paid for them,
  • Due to specific circumstances, an online payment resulted in a suspense amount, as there was no bound policy yet; when the policy reaches BillingCenter, payment needs to be appropriately assigned to an account and a policy,
  • Recurring policy payment method resulted in an automatic payment request, verify dates and the amount, move the clock, and prove it gets drafted correctly,
  • Overpayment, underpayment, moreover, any failed payment case

Automatic Refunds

  • Concerning both producers and your customers, make sure the process distributes any existing payments and credits and does so following the given threshold,
  • With respect to your checks, make sure you cover all the edge cases when the payee is not obvious or the bank can vary, verify the correctness of your data mappings such as payee information, dollar box, dateline, bank name, and the account number

Delinquency processes

  • You have enhanced a delinquency process with your custom notices, and you need proof they generate correctly,
  • Your process waits for human intervention or a specified period, automatically move the clock or approve the activity and continue the process,
  • When the policy in hand gets canceled via an external process or full payment is received, verify that your delinquency is closed,
  • Any raised custom holds, for example, due to catastrophe, should stop your delinquency process; when the event’s end date is reached, the process needs to be resumed

Billing based fees

  • BillingCenter generates numerous fees; each has its logic for when and how it is being applied; these are installment fees, invoice fees, late fees, payment reversal fees, and reinstatement fees; avoid customers’ calls making sure they are charged correctly

3rd party applications

  • If you have a payment gateway configured, create an end to end test, including any 3rd party application, to cover a real-life scenario within one test,
  • If any of your customer portals display data directly from BillingCenter, make sure there are no mapping issues in those integration points

Customization within charge invoicing

  • Adjustments in key invoice dates such as early billing or special treatment for the down payment and first installment to guarantee equity early on,
  • You are adjusting or creating custom invoice items or ad hoc invoices,
  • Your customer always expects equal installment amounts, so premium and taxes are divided into equal portions in case of submissions, policy changes and also reinstatements.

Continuous Support

CenterTest gathers exhaustive data from test executions. Thus it can provide details about your system’s health and monitor numerous trends. As CenterTest gathers more data, it will proactively spot deterioration in the system’s performance. These performance issues translate to batch processes and custom work queues taking much longer to process, which risks late commission payments or not sending invoices on time. CenterTest makes your Guidewire BillingCenter testing more effective.
See CenterTest in action. 

Watch our 90-second video on how easy it is to recreate and test the process when a bank returns a customer’s check and the policy is canceled due to delinquency.

Jarek Paluch
Senior Software Architect

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