Guidewire Upgrade Support

Whether for greater efficiency, new features for business growth, or staying covered by warranty, a Guidewire system upgrade is inevitable.

There are a few types of upgrades your Guidewire implementation can go through:

  • a major version upgrade for self-managed implementations when transitioning to the latest InsuranceSuite version
  • a minor version upgrade for self-managed implementations when a needed enhancement is released
  • a major or minor version upgrade while a project is still under implementation
  • when transitioning from self-managed to the Guidewire Cloud
  • platform upgrades when on the Guidewire Cloud

Upgrades, in general, are known to be disruptive to business and heavy on resources. Once you have organized your development team, most of the effort and cost of upgrades come from thorough regression testing. Unfortunately, it is also the most time-consuming and inestimable phase, thus directly impacts the overall project timeline. Both manual and automated regression testing are heavily dependent on having access to the future version of your application.

What if you could address the pains of testing, break the dependency, and start working on your regression package, including end-to-end tests, as early as today?!

With CenterTest’s version portability, you can build and prove your regression tests against your current version then execute them against future versions as they become available.

Andris Caune
Software Engineer

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