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All-In Guidewire PolicyCenter Automated Testing

Guidewire PolicyCenter allows you to launch whole products in record time, and modify your configuration to maintain your competitive advantage. But is your QA process ready for this? Can you keep up with the growing demand for test delivery? AnkrPt CenterTest UI Bots generate test components supporting your custom screens and keeping them synced with the changing codebase. This streamlines test creation allowing your test team keep up with your development team, whether you are working on new features or a version upgrade.

Use AnkrPt CenterTest as your primary automation tool for UI or API testing, stress and performance testing.  Or just for PolicyCenter working harmoniously with your current solution, including Guidewire Cloud.

If any of the following test challenges sound familiar, CenterTest is your solution.

Manual Testing

Manual testing of scenarios takes a long time and is error prone not building confidence in the results.  You shouldn’t eliminate manual testing as some tests are just not conducive to automation. 

Custom Assignments

You assign, or reassign, work among queues and groups of users based on time and custom features. With generated, ready-to-use support of every widget on the screen, you can focus on your business value. Easily create tests using any of the administration screens. 

Producer Administration

With CRM and Agency Management System integrations processes such as setting up a new producer agreement, changing a producer on a policy, or terminating a producer agreement became a complex business scenario. As CenterTest generates all pages including administrative screens you can focus on business value. 

Renewals and Other Workflows

Every workflows require multi-step handling, where specific criteria needs to be checked or the customer presented with an offer before acceptance. Using test restartability and time traveling, easily write tests that create a submission, run batch processes , change the system clock, all the while asserting things are correct. 

Product Model

You have invested time in defining your Product Model with custom availability scripts for coverages, conditions, and exclusions. With CenterTest Product Model generation, you can refer to any of its elements and create tests to ensure business continuity. 

Data Enrichments

When configuring the PolicyCenter UI, you inherently automate your data enrichment integration points such as address validation, risk verification, MVRs, ITV, geocoding, and many more. Built-in data-driven testing (DDT) lets you effortlessly add hundreds of valid test combinations in minutes. 

Policy Servicing

Many policy servicing tasks are automated by Guidewire and required little, if any, changes.  However, your competitive advantages often include substantial work on features such as automatic coverage changes, adhoc cancellations, discount removal, and other policy adjustments triggered by external events via an API call. CenterTest lets you call any API or external process as a step within your test ensuring proper handling for your process. 

Document Production

Automated testing of documents is difficult; not knowing when they are available makes it impossible. CenterTest resolves this by letting your test generate the document, wait for the document to be produced, verify the document content, not just its existence or payload, then continue to completion.  All in one test.

Data Loading

All your downstream teams have specific data requirements.  Use automated testing to load this data on any environment, by running specific tests that create specific submissions, claims, and accounts.

True E2E Testing

End-to-end scenarios comprise far more than just PolicyCenter screens. Many times, 3rd party applications are involved, applications such as  payment gateways, comparators/aggregators, and customer or agent portals. AnkrPt CenterTest lets you invoke any UI or API call within the same test, making it true end-to-end testing, mimicking production. 

Non-Functional Testing, API Testing

Non-functional testing and API testing requires different technologies meaning new skillsets and additional licenses. AnkrPt CenterTest lets you perform all your UI, API, and non-functional testing with a single technology, taking advantage of features such as DDT, parallelism, and data management. One source, one license. 

Continuous Support

CenterTest gathers comprehensive data from test executions. It monitors trends and spots performance deterioration within quote times, search, and retrieval processes.  Catch your problems before they’re problems.

Raivis Sarkovskis
Senior Automated Test Engineer

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