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My First CenterTest

CenterTest provides numerous means for effortless Guidewire application testing, such as simplified test creation, requiring only basic Java knowledge.

The power of CenterTest comes from the AnkrPt Bots, which generate a test framework directly from your Guidewire InsuranceSuite code.  Why does this matter?

With IntelliSense, simply typing your field’s name on the screen display all possible options.

When a field is based upon a typelist, avoid typos and testing unsupported options.

Coverages are as simple as choosing your coverage, covterm, and option.

Even working across multiple Centers with multiple users is easy.  For example, create a Worker’s Compensation policy and a related FROI (First Report of Injury) claim using default test data. Notice how reusable components let each line clearly state its responsibility.

You get plenty of code examples on interacting with Guidewire UI objects and utilizing all available features such as data-driven testing, restartability, and time travel.

CenterTest allows you to be fully self-sufficient with your Guidewire application testing. Use your own team, your System Integrator’s team, or Kimputing’s team.  Or get CenterTest as a managed service from Kimputing or one of our partners.

Arek Frankowski
Senior Software Engineer

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