AnkrPt Extraction

Extract a policy with its billing details, or a claim with its policy. Then copy it to another environment to recreate issues or seed test data. Or distinctly replicate complex policies making it easier to remember the one you’re using.

AnkrPt Extraction covers the entirety of your ETL process. Safely and securely extracting data, anonymizing that data, then loading it. From anywhere, to anywhere.

AnkrPt Anonymity

Anonymize in-place, while extracting, or while loading. In-place for full database anonymization or specialized processing. While extracting to protect private data such as PII and PFI. Or while loading to distinctly replicate one policy into many.

Even across Centers for data consistency!

AnkrPt Deletion

Are your databases becoming too large because you can’t delete data in Guidewire? Not anymore! AnkrPt Deletion physically deletes data across Centers while ensuring database consistency. This can both improve performance and save money on storage costs.

Move and protect your data with ease!

Frequently Asked Questions

Extraction containers are database agnostic holders of entities pulled from different environments. This allows Extraction to pull and push into different database types and share data from different environments amongst team members. The extraction process also ensures PII and PFI privacy invoking AnkrPt Anonymity when necessary. And we never load into production.

Assuming you have access to the source database, Extraction pulls the data directly into a Container file using AnkrPt Anonymity if needed to ensure PII and PFI is anonymized. Once in a Container, you can then pull that data into your local database. Since it was anonymized during extraction, you will never know what the original data was.

Yes. Extraction Containers are database agnostic meaning they don’t care about their database type letting you move data between database types. Developers often work on H2 databases but need data from higher regions using SqlServer. Finally, a way to move data between Guidewire systems independent of their database engine.

Yes, assuming you have access to the source region. Extraction pulls entities (jobs, accounts, policies, claims) from any accessible region into a container file letting you share that data. The container file is then shared with others effectively giving them access to data from any region, including Production. When you pull from Production, AnkrPt Anonymity is automatically invoked ensuring PII and PFI is never exposed. From anywhere, to anywhere.

Yes, since Containers are database agnostic, as long as you have access to the target region, you can push to it. You simply identify which Container to pull from, what jobs, accounts, policies, or claims to pull, and where to push them to. Done. From anywhere, to anywhere.