Pairwise is a testing technique used to maximize test coverage while minimizing test cases. Since testing all possible combinations of input parameters would require a Cartesian product of tests, it isn’t reasonable, if even possible, to do. Instead, but why when you have pairwise?

Most defects trigger with either a single input parameter or an interaction between pairs of parameters. So, testing all possible combinations of all pairs of input parameters can only be done by using a Cartesian proudct of tests, but why when you have pairwise?

Pairwise makes it possible to save time and money by significantly reducing the number of tests needed to test.

To make it more useful, AnkrPt Pairwise not only generates all possible pairs of input parameters, it also lets you define required tests, negative criteria, and constraints to achieve a well-designed and complete test suite.

Pairwise testing should be an integral part of every test plan, making testing more effective with fewer tests thus reducing test estimates. In addition, data test sets created with Pairwise can be reused or easily modified during development which needs retesting.

Process Overview

Pairwise process diagram:

pairwise flow