Resolving file issues

Troubles with input files may occur sometimes. Pairwise allows to use files with custom delimiters, and charsets(java recognizable) - it is important to check if rules for custom setup are indicated(Running Pairwise).

It is infrequent, but some csv files need to be rewritten to be valid for Pairwise. The easiest way to achieve this goal is to process it with Excel.

  • Open a blank workbook.

  • Change tab to DATA, click on From Text/CSV.

  • Choose the not-working file, and click Import.

  • Load data from CSV; click Load.

  • Remove header row from the file, uncheck Header Row

  • Delete empty sheets(CSV don’t support multiple sheets)

  • Save file as CSV (Comma delimited)(*.csv)

The default delimiter for EXCEL is depended on locale (regional settings) - it may be coma, semicolon, or other, which is set in operating system settings. To discover where to find information on how to deal with custom delimiters and charset, refer to Running Pairwise.